“Mansions” SG: “Zo Williams, Corey Holcomb, & Rizza Islam ”

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SG: “Zo Williams, Corey Holcomb, & Rizza Islam ”

TOPIC: “I Take FULL Responsibility”
The Male Relationship Accountability Show:
What Does Male Relationship Accountability Look Like?”


What happens to a relationship when Men don’t take responsibility for their behaviors?

What’s the role of a man in a relationship?

True or False?
There is nothing more frustrating than being in a relationship with someone who refuses to take accountability for his or her actions?

Is the act of being inflexible in ones point of view masculine ( I.e standing on what you believe), while the act of being flexible in one’s views ( I.e shifting your perspective often) seen as being feminine?

True or False?
Taking accountability isn’t easy. It takes the courage to engage in introspection, humility and genuine honesty. Personal Accountability means taking a hard look in the mirror and owning up to a problem you caused or contributed to?

What are some practical ways women can hold their Men accountable in a relationship?

True Or False?
Most people take accountability for the good things they do in life, right? Doing that is easy. If we do something kind and someone thanks us, we say “You’re welcome,” which proves this. However, the real heroes in life are the people who realize their imperfections, verbalize their regrets and learn from the mistakes?

In What ways do Men Blame Women for OUR own UNRESOLVED Emotions?

True or False?
Do most successful relationships typically hinge on the couples ability to hold themselves and their mates accountable?

Is it a feminine behavior for a man to keep a relationship scorecard their partner’s past relationship

True Or False?
The relationship scorecard develops over time because one or both people in a relationship use past wrongdoings to try and justify current righteousness?

Is passive-aggressive behavior, like dropping little hints about a perceived problem soft, or feminine tone for Men?

Do some men try to hold their women and the relationship hostage as a means of forcing the women to be accountable?

True Or False?
Emotional blackmail creates tons of unnecessary drama.
Every minor hiccup in the flow of the relationship results in a perceived commitment crisis?

True Or False?
A person has no reason to be passive-aggressive if they feel safe expressing any anger or insecurity within the relationship. A person will never feel a need to drop “hints” if they feel like they won’t be judged or criticized for it?

Can Men be soft without being considered feminine?

True or false?
Do most men usually disregard advice, observations, and insights delivered from their girlfriends and wives until its past the point of no return?

What is an accountability based relationship?

What is accountability based marriage?

What are some behaviors a man shouldn’t do in a relationship?

How do most Men take accountability for their actions in Intimate Relationships?

What kind of man does a woman really want?

How can a man be a good relationship?

True or False?
If a man works on himself and develops himself to be worthy, the woman will be his partner. If he doesn’t, she will be against him?

Does Male Leadership within intimate Relationships/Marriage mean automatic submission for the woman?

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